Ilundáin, The wildlife
recovery centre

Fotografía Buho - Faureco


The Ilundáin WRC Wildlife Recovery Centre has the following key goals:

  • The Recovery of injured or sick wildlife, ensuring that the majority of the wild animals that are admitted to our Centre are later re-introduced into their natural habitat in a healthy, wild condition.
  • Care for orphaned animals (birds' eggs and chicks, young mammals, etc) to ensure that, once they have finished growing, it is possible to release them into the natural environment with every capacity to survive.
  • To prevent wild animals from suffering unnecessarily, by lessening as far as possible, that pain and suffering that does not form part of natural processes.
  • The collection and re-location of exotic animals which would otherwise end up in the natural environment, causing ecological problems.
  • Autopsies on wild animals that are found dead in the natural environment, in order to determine the cause of death.
  • Expert assistance (whenever required) in those cases of live cattle injured by wildlife.
  • Actions to raise the social awareness and recognition of all the values related to the work at the recovery centre: respect for wildlife; criteria of co-existence with animals and sensitisation on the conservation of nature.
  • Scientific dissemination of the work carried out at the Centre, through conferences and publications

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