Ilundáin, The wildlife
recovery centre

Fotografía Buho - Faureco

Publicity and community relations

The Expo

The Ilundáin Wildlife Recovery Centre has a travelling exhibition focussed on making the public more aware of the work carried out at the Centre, whilst encouraging reflection on the relationships of humans with other animals. The exhibition has three specific areas. The first is a sensorial woodland, centred on getting visitors to relate to the natural environment by using their senses of sight, hearing, touch and even smell. The second is a conceptual presentation of the man - animal relationship, inviting reflections on the relationship between human beings and other animals. The third area uses a "chill out" style with texts, real objects and a film to show the work carried out at the Ilundáin Wildlife Recover Centre by personnel and volunteers.

Release of wildlife with the participation of schools

On occasions, the release of rehabilitated animals into the wild also serves a second purpose, as it instils in young people an awareness of the need to conserve and respect the fauna. A group of schoolchildren taking part in the Haritz Berri Foundation camp, enjoy the moment when a common buzzard is released (Buteo buteo).

Collaboration with Rest Homes

Our senior citizens are just as happy as children, or even more so, during the yearly event involving the release of birds at the El Vergel rest home. In addition to the release of rehabilitated birds into the wild, these events also create a link of empathy between our senior citizens and animals.

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