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I'd like to adopt an exotic pet

Before deciding on adopting an exotic pet, we would advise you to get all the information you can about the characteristics of its species, care and food, the space it needs, how long it lives for, even the size it'll grow to, and the costs of caring for it and vet bills, etc.

Once you've decided which exotic pet to adopt, you can contact us and fill in an application. There is a list of exotic pets that have been either abandoned, lost or brought in by their owners. You can access this through the following link (Exotic Animal Centre of Gipuzkoa).

We will provide you with a form to be filled in. If you fulfil the adoption requirements, then you will be able to foster one of the pets available. This involves being obliged to take care of your pet and ensuring that it is kept in optimum conditions, not using it for reproduction, not abandoning it or selling it, and informing us of any incidents that may arise. Personnel from the Centre have the right to carry out checks on these pets to ensure that they are being kept in good condition.

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